Midnight Run 2 Rules

Team Requirements:
1) Teams must be comprised of at least 4 and no more than 6 Students and One parent driver, for a maximum of 7 members total. Team Captain must be an Academy member.

2) Each team must contain at least one member from each gender.

3) All team members are required to wear shirts that are the same color as their teams designated color and must be worn the entire game.  (Examples: blue, pink, polka-dot, tie-dye, plaid, etc…)

4) All members (including parent driver) of a team must be present at the start of the game. If a member is added at any point during the game, that team will be disqualified. If a student leaves their team at any time, they are not permitted to rejoin the game. If the student leaving causes that team to drop below the 4 person per group minimum, then that team is disqualified.

5) All students must ride in the same vehicle at all times, and the parent assigned to each team can be the only driver for all destinations.

6) Each team must have registered all members, completed all entry forms and wavers; and paid any remaining entry fee at the start location.

7) Each team must bring a completed student team roster form and present a signed disclaimer for each of its team members at the start location, and the parent driver cell phone number in case of emergency.  

8) The Team Captain’s cell phone number will be the primary contact number for the team.

 Game Rules:

The rules for Midnight Run Viera are purposely vague to encourage creativity from the student teams. Each segment of the game is assigned a point value that awards or penalizes teams accordingly for their effort or lack thereof. This combination of creative problem solving makes for a challenging event that is designed to test their intelligence, endurance, determination, geographical knowledge, creativity, and team work.

 Clues & Unattended Clues

 Student teams must use their cunning and wit to solve clues and progress in the contest. This is most important concept of the game.  While some clues are handed out at “Challenge Areas,” other clues are “Unattended” and need to be found by deciphering other questions/clues.  Each “Unattended Clue” location found will net your team 200 points. To allow the controllers to keep track of each team’s progress, each student team is also required to call their designated “Game Controller” when they find each “Unattended Clue” location. If teams are struggling to solve a clue they are allowed phone calls to their official “Game Controller” for hints.  Each call is a penalty of 50 points, with no limit on the amount of phone calls that can be made.  The phone number of their “Game Controller” will be provided to student teams at the starting line. Any team found to be tampering with any of the clues or creating misdirection by using the official clue color of green will have all of its members banned from the game.


During the course of the game, certain clues will lead the teams to the second element of the game, “Challenges.” A challenge will have “Game Controllers” conducting various events that teams will have to conquer, solve, and/or endure by using ingenuity, creativity and most importantly, team work.  This is the second most important aspect of the game and possibly the most demanding. Teams are awarded 250 points for completing each challenge and the team to complete each challenge first, will receive a 50 point bonus.

 Scavenger Hunt

The third aspect of the game consists of a “Scavenger Hunt. The hunt consists of acquiring objects from a list that is supplied to the student teams at the starting line.  Depending on the hunt type, certain objects may have a higher value than others when they are obtained.  At the finish line, teams will need to show all “Scavenger Hunt” items to their assigned Game Controller.


 The last part of the game is based on teams getting points for finishing. The first team to finish will receive 250 Points.  The second team receives 150 Point and the Third team receives 75 Points.  All teams finishing after Third Place will receive no additional points.

The game officially ends when all teams arrive at the finishing location.  If all the teams have not arrived at the finish within 60 minutes of the first three teams crossing the finish line, then the remaining teams will be called in to the finishing location by their Game Controller. The teams that are called in will automatically lose any points that they have not obtained from uncompleted Challenges and Clues.

Once all of the teams arrive at the finish location, their points are tallied and then the teams are presented with their trophies and prizes.

 Game Duration:

This game should last between 6 and 8 hours.


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