Can only the Academy students play?

– No, any student at VHS can play, BUT….the team captain for each team must be an academy member. (Digital Arts or Business)

Should I be forming for my team now?

– I’m going to say yes. Christmas is upon us and registration will be in early January. Get your good players locked in early.

What is the TEAM entry fee this time?

– $60 per team. So, on a 6 member team, that’s $10 per person; a 4 person team pays $15 per person. In other words, get 6 players on your team.

What vehicle do you suggest?

– Anything that will fit seven people comfortably. Mini-vans, SUV’s yes….not cars…

What items should I bring?

– towels, flashlights, GPS\smart phones, maps, pad of paper, calculator…etc. I’ve been asked what were some of the weirdest things ever brought that actually got used. Raincoats, scuba fins, a canoe…

When is the Parent Driver meeting?

– Well, last year we had 2. I think that works best.  We will shoot for the same week as registration. Monday January 10th, at 4pm and again at 6pm in the media center lab 2-108g (the lab has a door to the parking lot. to the left of the gym entrance) We may have another if needed.

Will there be a Player meeting?

Yes! Monday, January 10th in the media center right after school, before the Parent driver meeting.


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