Team colors available

It becomes a problem with 20 teams playing, that there are enough colors to go around. So we add patterns too. Some teams have called their colors already, others are still waiting. I have some of the available ones below:

Colors already claimed                             Colors remaining

Zebra Print                                                                Brown
Purple                                                                        Khaki
Camouflage                                                               Gold
Pink                                                                           Rasta
Neon&Black                                                                Red
Cow Print                                                                   White
Green                                                                            Polka-Dots
Dog Print
These aren’t the only colors/patterns, but they are the only ones I could think of. As far as reserving your color, get registered, and put your team color on your team contact sheet. I will allow teams from the last game to reserve their previous color if they remind me. The Strikethrough colors have talked to me already.



  1. I was wondering if we could reserve the color black since Taylor and I played this game last time because my captain said she wanted to be black again. Taylor is our captain.

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