Rumor Mill: 1/11/11

– Are there new boundries?
Yes… and here is the map:

Boundary Map
Map for MRV

That would be Parkway Blvd on the south, Indian River on the East, St. Johns River on the west, and the Barnes/I95 interchange on the north.

-Is there a Teacher Team Playing?
Yes. A star studded cast of Coaches, AP instructors, and Mathmatics wizards.

– When are the team Deposits due?
Thursday, Jan 13th…as are the Team Rosters.

-I want to play, but still can’t find a team.
Come and see me before school, after school, or on your lunch break (eat first) and I’ll find you a team.

– Did we officially cap the number of teams at 20?
As of right now, no. We currently have paperwork for 15 teams, so I expect we will get to 20, and if we go over, we go over.

– When can we come to you to get hints about Clue Zero and the starting line?
Friday, January 14th.


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