Last update for a while….

So we are 30 days out, and I will now give hints to any teams that have found clue Zero and can’t make heads or tails of it.


– How many teams will be playing?
as of today, 16. We might be adding one more, i’ll know tomorrow.

-How many teams think they know where the starting line is?
12 think they know, only 6 have confirmed it with me. So I’m expecting to see some teams looking for hints in the next couple weeks.

-Another parent Driver meeting?
we had 8 Parents show up for the first 2 meetings. I guess we should have another. Parents can contact me and we will try to schedule it.

– Rule clarification: Need both genders? Need Freshmen?
Yes, we still need atleast one boy and one girl per team. No you are not required to have a freshman on a team. But I believe we do have 2 all freshmen teams, so that should be interesting.

– Event start time and date?
noon on February 19th…Place? You should be figuring that out.

– Items for race?
Closed toe shoes, flashlights, towels, map, GPS, Cell phone, web device…etc

-Best Dressed points?
Yes, 150 points to the team ruled “Best Dressed” by the judges on Game day.

-Can I still get in the game?
it would take alot of begging and pleading and a good reason you couldn’t register in the 2 week window we gave you. Other than that, no.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll see you around campus.


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