The Home Stretch

In 15 days, we’ll all be amassing at the starting line. MRV2: The Sequel will be testing your mental and physical limits, in an effort to find a winner. So, lets hit on some rules and rule changes so you aren’t bombarded on Game Day…

1. The call in
– previously, when you found a clue, we asked you to call in so you could get your 200 points. This time you will text where you are and what you found to your controller. For example: “Found clue 3 at Walmart” You will be given your controller number at the starting line.

2. The Help call
– if you find… i mean, when you find you are stumped on a clue and need a hint, you will call your controller number. The Controller will ask you for info, like what clue you are working on and where you are. They can talk to you without costing you points (50 points per hint),  but, they will be clear when you are deducted points. i.e. “If I continue, you will be deducted points” All teams will get the exact same hints, so please no whinning at the end of the race.

3. Rules are flexable?
– There are firm rules, like “minimum of 4 team members” or “only a parent can drive”…and then there are the flexable rules. Like, “Take a picture of the Space Shuttle.” One team finds the shuttle model at SCStadium, one team takes a picture of the front Quarter panel of a sheriffs cruiser, and one team takes a picture of a cell phone displaying a picture of the space shuttle. All of those were acceptable as innovatively correct answers.

4. Point totals
– there are a ton of possible points in this game. If you do the bare minimum (Just clues and challenges and finish lower than 3rd. No scavenger points), you would be missing out on 3800+ extra points. Scavenger points, Best dressed points, the Head of Moe the Hawk points, or finishing 1,2,or 3rd points…and some others. So while finishing first is a great feeling, if you don’t get enough of the “other” points, you could end up placing lower in the final point totals. Remember, the winner has the most points, and is not necessarily the first to finish.

5. The Special Guest Team
– As most of you know by now, there will be a team of VHS teachers also playing the game. I don’t think I have to tell you, that they are playing to win. I personally would hate to have the shame of losing to a bunch of rookie players (as they all are) and having to hear about it every day until the end of the year. So, bring your ‘A’ game, because I wouldn’t expect any mercy from them 🙂

6. Laws of the Road
– I can’t stess this enough, obey ALL rules of the road. Speeding, running red lights, cutting through corner lots, etc…all big no-no’s. Play it safe. Remember, First to finish does not always win.

7. Length of the Game
– Guys, i’m not kidding. While I designed the game around a 6 hour time frame, 8 hours is not out of the question. So if we are starting at noon, you do the math. The last game ran 7 and a half.

8. Gear
– towels, running shoes…(no flippy-floppies), flash lights, Smart phones, laptop, GPS, Camera w/flash, Snacks, maybe some cash ($10-15) for food, road atlas, etc…If you think a shovel/horse saddle/small boat/spy satellite…would help you win…by all means, bring it.

9. Have fun

10. MRV Game 3
– let me recover from this one first.


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