Rules for MRV 3…

Rules  Waviers   Team Sheets


Team composition should be 6 members – In the past we said 4-6, but this game will require 6 per team.
Teams need both genders represented – In the past we’ve had last minute issues where a girl or a boy could not play and that left the team all male, or all female. This will disqualify you at the starting line this time.
Teams need at least one freshman – in our continuing efforts to build team skills and Academy unity, we include our incoming freshmen in this game. In fact, it is required to enter the race. Being that the race is the 2nd or 3rd saturday of school, you’ll need to make that freshman friend as soon as humanly possible.
Parent Drivers are required to come to the driver meeting – It’s been optional in the past, but not anymore. We’ll have 2, possilby 3 driver meetings before the race to accommodate all possible schedules. It seems that a few of our parents were caught a little by suprise and /or were last minute replacements. Totally unfair to the driver, so we will make every effort to inform them on what they are getting into. 🙂

Registration…As you can see on the right side of the website, the next game day is August 27th. Registration will be 3:35pm immediately after school on August 18th. Usually, we give you a solid month to get all the paperwork in and along with fees. This time is not like all the previous times. It’s a new beast, and quickness counts. So we suggest that, strategy, starts with picking your team.
Another change, we will register as many teams as want to play, but only 12 (plus one alternate) will make the cut. We suggest showing up to registration with atleast 3 team members, you’re gonna need them.

Player meeting – shooting for Friday the 19th (unless otherwise notified).

Game 3 Map Area


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