Update: Attention Players

Registration and meetings
As of today, the first day of school for 2011-2012 is August 10th…that is a Wednesday (for some reason). That means registration will be the 18th of August for MRV3. This also means that the player meeting will be the 19th of August, at 3:35 in the media center. A parent driver meeting will be held on Thursday, August 18th and again on Friday, August 19th.

This web site will be changing for the 3rd game.
In the 5 month build up to the game, information will be posted here by different people in an effort to help you understand the game. As I said previously, the game has changed dramatically and you’ll need an understanding of the theme and backstory to succeed. I’ve already given away a little information on the theme with the posting of the game seal.
Just know, that other people will be posting information and hints to the game. (not info about clues) They will be posting in “character”, and won’t typically be answering direct questions.  But odds are that some of the information will help you during the game.

So enjoy your spring break, but be alert for hints on the site.

– MRV management


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