Game 3: Update

Well, school is less than 3 weeks away and the game is just over a month out. I’ve run into a bunch of you this summer, and you all claim to be ready for the game. Lets hope so. A couple of quick dates:

August 10th School begins
August 18th is Game registration
August 19th is the players meeting(4pm) and the 1st Parent drivers meeting (6pm)
August 25th is the 2nd drivers meeting(6pm) (and remember all teams parent drivers must attend one or the other or you don’t play)
August 27th is Game Day

All the paperwork is available here on the web page. Check out the March 16th post, and download your forms there.

Remember to find your freshman. This game requires 6 team members and at least one must be a freshman to the academy. So you should have about 100 students to pick from between the two academies.

Lastly, if you or your parents have any questions about the game, i will be working all 3 registration days in the media center giving out the EDLINE info.
Well, i think that is it for now.


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