Game 4 update and Clue zero

Thanks for all the showed up! Looks like we are racing 12 teams again. I have everyone’s deposit money except Cow Print…but they have talked to me already.  The remaining $40 is not due until game day. HOWEVER, you may pay it early. I cannot take personal checks at the starting line. If you must write a check, please make it out to “Brian Courtney” and get it to me as early as possible, as I will have to cash it and add it to the Prize money.

I will start accepting waivers today. You can also turn them into your teacher, but please write your team color on the form so I don’t have to chase people down about missing forms.
Here is the waiver again:

So I guess you want your clue now?

So the story goes, we’ve been visited by aliens for centuries. Ancient aliens have been described in books, painted in art, even mistaken for gods. Our particular aliens where first sighted in a western field in the village of Glenfinnan, in the year 1518.

And so it begins…


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