Planning is fully underway for the next installment. You will be happy to hear the teacher team will return for game 5. The early rumor for the game day is October 6th, but do not hold me to that, it may change. I can’t tell you much, but there are a few things I will say.

  • Your plea for a longer race has been heard; be ready for some extended time.
  • New “freshman fall” rule
  • Change in maximum team size
  • New rules on Team color scheme/uniform rule
  • Point value shake up. Heavy on the scavenger items
  • New required items list (a minimum list of tools useful in the game)

Bonus points:

We are looking for a permanent logo for MRV. We will still have the theme logos I create for each game, but we want something with a more recognizable look for the website and the facebook page. So if you are artistically talented, you will have the opportunity to win points  for whatever team you play on, for as long as we use that logo. (minimum 3 games) So if you win these points, the points will travel with you, to whichever team that you belong.

The retirement of Moe the Hawk – Officially, Moe will retire from the scavenger hunt this game. He is in need of some repairs and we can’t count on him for the next game. There will be a replacement object of equal value in play until his return.


The Facebook accounts for the game will continue. They were a tremendous success! It will be tweeked slightly for the next game, but it will greatly improve the flow of the game.

I plan to allow people to “follow at home” during this game. This way, friends and parents can follow your progress in the game. I had quite a few people ask about this after last game. Solid idea! I’m going with it.

That’s all for now. Watch for an update in late april/early May with more info. Thanks!

-MRV management


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