MRV5 update for MRV6

Just bringing you all in on the planning a bit…

  • Looks like October 20th or 27th will be the game day. (still flexable though)
  • The revised rules for the fall game are almost ready. (not sure you are ready for them yet)
  • Bonus update: The winning team for MRV5 will help plan MRV6 (see below)
  • FACEBOOK follow along, will be included in the fall race (family, friends, and classmates can friend the game to follow you through to the finish)

So the big news is obviously the Planning of game 6 by the winners of game 5. I don’t know if this will be a one time thing, or a carry forward for all the remaining games, I guess that depends on the outcome. My hope is to get the teams more involved and to increase the stakes of the game by adding this little gem to the winners circle. What do you think? Good idea?



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