MRV5 New Game Rules

I typically like to shake things up with new rules, but this time I think I’ve outdone myself! I will meet with the 2013 Senior class about these rules in the coming weeks, so please read them, digest the changes, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember….we improvise, we overcome, and we adapt.

1. Team composition should be 4 members – This game will require teams of 4 members. No more, no less

2. Teams need both genders represented – 3 of one, 1 of another is acceptable, but 2 and 2 is probably best.

3. Teams Captains – captains need to be seniors students in either the ABF or ADAM academy. Captains will be chosen by the Staff.

4. Teams will be composed of one senior, one junior, one sophomore, and one freshman – No other combinations are acceptable.

5. All team members are required to wear shirts that are the same color – And these shirts and colors will be assigned to you by the staff

6. All members of a team must be present at the start of the game -If a student leaves the game, then that team is disqualified. No exceptions.

7. All team members must arrive at checkpoints at the same time to receive points – if you arrive without all 4 members of your team, you must wait for the other players before receiving the points.

8. Each team must have registered all members, completed all entry forms and wavers; and paid any remaining entry fees before the start of the game.

9. Each team must bring a completed student team roster form and present their cell phone numbers for contact and the parent cell phone number in case of emergency.

10. Parent participants are required to come to the parent meeting –this meeting will take on a different degree of participation this year. Smaller teams will necessitate a different format.

11. During the game, each team will only have 2 total hints available for the entire game – Two…and only two. And they will be very expensive to use.

12. FACEBOOK communication format will be the only acceptable communication tool – except in cases of emergency.


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