Player meeting for all 2013 Seniors who want to participate in MRV5 in October

As predicted, our 2013 seniors do not like my new rules. I want to meet with them this summer, at the school, to discuss the 5th game and explain in more detail. Why we must do it this way? What we are planning to do? and what the future holds for the game. I’ve picked Wednesday, July 18th @ 10am to meet at the VHS media center to entertain your comments and tell you the facts. Please put it on your calendar and if you are thinking of playing (and are a 2013 Senior) plan on being there.


Will the spring game also be in this format? No. The spring game rules will return to the regular 6 player team

What if I want to play but don’t know anyone outside my grade level? Time to make some new academy friends then. The academy is suppose to be like a family, and there are alot of them.

What if I choose not to play this Fall because I dont want to play without my “normal” team? Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud. You might miss out on something very special.

Are the rumors true? Probably…or not. You guys come up with some interesting rumors though.


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