[MRV5 update] Team Captains have stepped forward!

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The senior team captains have stepped up to the plate, and made it known that they are ready to play.

1. Ryan F. (ADAM)
2. Bobby C. (ABF)
3. Trevor W. (ABF)
4. Taylor W. (ADAM)
5. Kate F. (ADAM)
6. Chelsey P. (ADAM)
7. Kendyl M. (ABF)
8. Chris K. (ABF)
9. Gabbie T. (ADAM)
10. Gabe M. (ADAM)
11. Jake G. (ABF)

There is a possibility of  a 12th team. So, the waiting list is:
Ashley R.
Jacqueline B.

If you have a desire to play, we will be taking names at the tech office over the next two weeks.

These captains will be forming teams starting yesterday…and I know there are still some freshman and sophmore slots available. Talk to the captains if you are intersted.


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