[Breaking News] If you do not show up for the next senior meeting you will be bumped for a waiting list team

I’m holding the last senior captain team meeting until November, next Tuesday the 18th of September. And just like the headline says, if you miss the meeting, I have three teams waiting to join, and yes I will bump you to the waiting list and give them your spot. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just trying to fill the game with those that want to play. If for some reason you cannot make it, you need to send someone in your place. I’m going to leave this open to debate as to the time you want to meet. Most people say mornings, but we’re getting low turnout in the mornings. So reply to this message in the comments section, and vote for a time to meet. 730am, or 340pm, majority rules. If I can’t get more than 3 teams to show up, I’ll cancel the game. And the Disney dream dies.

So, please….if you are a captain of a team, or a captain on the waiting list, you need to show up for this next meeting ( or send a teammate in your place) I will be handing out paper work for you to sign and giving you your marching orders. This one is kinda important! Don’t let me down.

-MRV management



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