Updated Gear list

So I was at Disney this weekend, running tests. And I have a few updates to your gear.
1. Bring jackets. The minute the clouds moved in an the sun got low in the sky, it got seriously cold.
2. Bring a wrist watch. Timing this race will be paramount. If your cell phone dies, you’ll need another, more dependable way to tell time.
3. Phone chargers. Bring a charging cable, or if you can swing it, one of those portable battery chargers. If your phones die, it will be nearly impossible to compete.
4. No flip-flops or sandals. I’ve cant stress this enough…if you blow out a flip-flop at Disney, it will be pricy to replace.
5. Backpack. Keep it light, but bring something you carry your extra supplies. Just remember Disney will do bag checks when you enter the parks.

I will be posting my new Facebook account to this page this week. You will need to friend that account before we start the race. You’ll post all your scavenger items to you new Facebook account if you want them to count.
In the event of severe failures in technology, we have a backup plan.
I bought all the tickets last night…so it’s definitely happening, get ready for December 1st!



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