[Important Update] For Game Day (that is this Saturday, for those that have lost track)

Since i know you all have created your game day Facebook accounts and friended Mr. Younger, (NOT), i’m going to also assume you’ve been doing your research on disney. It’s very possible, that information on Disney World might be important in this race. Disney transportation will be equally important.

1. I’ll give out my phone number on the bus, for emergency contact, Saturday morning.
2. All clues will be posted using Facebook, except the first clue. (friend: http://www.facebook.com/james.younger.3781 )
3. Each clue has a time interval, which tells you what time to show up after you have solved the clue.
4. Each clue location will be staffed by a “controller” during the time interval. They may also have an extra hint about the next clue. Check-in with the controller at those locations. You will know us by our NEON GREEN color.
5. There are two parts to the scavenger list, the” by 5pm” list and the “bring to finish line” list. I’ll explain more on the Bus.
6. Each team gets ONLY ONE help call (to my phone) You will get the exact location of the next clue. But it will cost you 500 points
7. Our team Bus will leave DTD promptly at 11pm. Give yourself 30-45 minutes to arrive back at the bus.
8. You must use Disney transportation. No taxis. Safety first.
9. Some locations may require more time to arrive.  Some clues may require multiple modes of transport to arrive at the next clue. (i.e. Train to boat to bus to Monorail)
10. You are NOT starting at a park. I’ll explain this more on the Bus.
11. Check Facebook often. (remember to make a team facebook account before the game on saturday)
12. Don’t panic. It’s a game. Have Fun! There is no grade, there are only two trophies. First and Lost (not a typo).



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