[GameDayFinal] News on MRV5

I’m only now just recovering from the game. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my feet hurt, and I couldn’t be happier! It was a great showing and all the teams did extremely well! We had several strategies employed by the teams, including blowing off the first 4 or 5 checkpoints to focus on scavenger items; Slow-and-steady progression (hard fought decoding of the clues); teaming up with another team (which has actually happened before); and lastly the “Just going with it” Top of the Kingdom!method. The scheme of limited time at the clue locations, kept the game moving and no one was ever out of the race. The scavenger items were huge as far as the points earned, but we threw a few challenge points in there to benefit the teams that hit most of the checkpoints. For example…at the first clue location, White team guessed the “LEGO-in-the-jar” to within 4 pieces and earned a bonus 300 points. And the yellow team was the only team to figure out that CLUE 6 was refering to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House and earned and burned 300 extra points for their challenge (climbing the tree 3 times, back to back).

In the end, the first ever Parent Team took home the Wisdom Trophy in a close win over Blue team. Their strategy of Scavenger Items paid off big for them as they got several high value items (including the Mr. E picture for 1000pts) and managed to be one of the five teams to get points for finishing. (Also recieving finishing points were Purple, Green, Pink, and Orange) After the game the teams got 4 more hours to enjoy the Magic Kingdom before we headed home. All in all, it was my impression that the teams had a blast, and were just a little past exhausted by the end. The last Disney bus of the day we took together as a group, was very loud at 10:30pm….but the Bus ride home at 11:05 was much more subdued.

I want to thank the parents of all the players for trusting me with your kids for the day. I also want to thank my friends, and family (including my two children that were Scavenger items) for all the help in putting this together. I want to thank our Sponsors for helping us raise the money to make this trip possible. And lastly the players themselves….couldn’t do this without your willingness to play in the first place. Thanks for allowing me to make a  “not-boring” day for you!

-MRV management

P.S. for MRV6. Sometimes……..i worry about zombies.

Top of the Kingdom!

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  1. Just thought I would tell you that this was the best Midnight Run you have done yet Mr. Courtney!! From the Blue Team to you we would like to say thank you for giving us the chance to play the game an thanks for all the hard work, time, and effort you put into making these races one of the most memorable parts of high school.

    BTW: I loved the timed clues/checkpoints because that gave us some serious hustle and opened a new strategy for us. Hope to see them in MRV 6, but hope you rest a little before then!!

    Blue Team

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