MidnightRunViera: World traveler2

So after some research, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot kick the MRV habit. I’m going to host MRV:World Traveler2 at Disney on May 31st – June 1st, IF……and I say if, you are interested. The cost per team will be the most expensive we’ve ever had but it will be a two day event with an overnight at the Disney Resort. $500 per team of 4 will cover everything.(that is per team, not per person) I know, that’s a lot of money. Which is why I’m gauging interest now for late May. Seeing how I’m not at Viera High anymore, I’m not going to limit this game to the academies. BUT, I’d like a team from both academies. I also want alumni teams, a teacher team, and a parent team.
I’m aiming for 13 teams of 4 players each. (52 total players@ $125 per player. )
So if you have any interest in trying this two day game out, let me know so I can begin planning to see to all in May!
-mr. C

PS…if you all manage to sell all the HawkLife gear we have left, I’m betting we could cut the cost in half. Just saying. 😉


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