image World Traveler 2 Invitation




  1. hey courtney, we have an idea. we don’t think many seniors will participate if it’s in summer. is there any way we can do it in may?

    -abby comando

    • Abby, I am having to focus on just those that want to play, Especially those seniors that have always played. My schedule for a two day, overnight game, is limited. I have to concider my game controllers too. I know you seniors will be graduates by that day, but it was the best option for everyone involved. Do your best building a team. There are no rules on it’s make-up except the 4 member rule. You and Sean can have two different teams, or be on the same team. If that ends up being the only business academy team, then at least I know you will be well represented! I have 2 alumni teams that have stepped up, I was hoping for a ABF alumni team too.
      Stay in touch,
      Mr. C

      • alright, we have a team (me, sean, annika, and sean’s friend) but sean just has to find out when he’s going on his cruise. we’re down to play. i’ll talk to adam today. thank you. i’ll update you on adam asap

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