MRV7WT2 Waiver form

Midnight Run Viera Waiver

Here is the waiver for all players. All players under the age of 18 MUST have a parent signature to play.

Unique to this game:

1. Spending the night with your team – players, this is new territory and I hope you understand the difficulty here. Everyone must understand this point.

2. Getting to and from Orlando it totally on you – MRV will not be providing transportation to or from the Orlando location.

3. Not a school event – yet, I expect you to continue your excellence in behavior you’ve managed over the years. Remember, we are guests.

4. The only team limiting rule – 4 players. That’s it. No inclusion or exclusion rules. HOWEVER….I will reserve judgment for any player I feel is trying to undermine the game. If a player is found to be interfering with the game play, they will be asked to leave.

5. $500 team fee – I never said this would be cheap. But $125 per player for a game, room, and two days at Disney is a pretty good deal.





    • Emily, at the bottom of the game rules is my email address, but I also answer questions posted here (as you can see). It is not too late. I believe I said march 14th is the “drop dead” date. If we don’t have a minimum of 6 fully staffed teams(meaning 4 committed players) by that date, I would have to cancel the game. The next important date after that is march 17th, I believe. It is the day that the team deposit of $50 is due.

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