[UPDATE 3/6/14]MRV7 Team sheets and Annual pass players

For those of you forming a team, or who have already formed a team….Please fill out a team form asap. I have to talk to Disney today about room reservations and they will want to know the names of everyone that will be staying overnight. This request DOES include any parent or teacher teams. Game Staff that is planning to spend the night, just get me your pertinent’s and such.


Annual pass holding players – it is important you understand this point, if you pass expires BEFORE June 1st, and I don’t buy you a ticket thru me; you are basically forfeiting the game. I can only buy the tickets once. Day-Of tickets will be in the $90 range. I will give you a discount off the Team fee of $500 once you tell me how many people in your team have passes, and I have made the final bookings with Disney. Once I know how much I will let you know.

Deadline for 6 teams is Friday the 14th. I need at least 6 team sheets by then………or the game will be cancelled

Monday the 17th, $50 deposits are due to Ms. James

I am going to try to set up a parent/player meeting via Skype/LYNC in the media center as soon as I can confirm a date with the game staff. (be on the look out for the date)

Mr. C


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