[UPDATE] Let’s have a show of hands…

I’d like to start the “1 week deadline countdown” with a team count. If you are your teams captain, please reply to this thread if you have your team formed and are FOR SURE going to compete on May 31st.

Image0052I think we might already be beyond the 6 team minimum, but lets be sure about it.

As far as my work on MRV7 goes, the game is finished:

I’m going to do a run through with my wife and kids over spring break (while we are down in CFL) just to avoid any “Tom Sawyer Paintbrush” problems.(Thank you Katie Franza!)

I’m going to book the hotel rooms as soon as I have confirmation of the team deposits from Ms. James.

Ordering the tickets will be the last step, but should have everything done before April is over.

So again, if you are a team captain, PLEASE REPLY to this posting that you have your team ready. You may also reply if you are still looking for team members.

Many thanks!

-Mr. C



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