epcot_world_showcasePlease Email me your MRV_contactsheet ASAP! I need to match money with teams. (I may also need addresses later, but i’ll let you know)

bcourtney4@me.com (Ms. James is sending me a bunch, so if you have not given your sheet to her….email me.)

I also wanted to update everyone. As of right now I only have seven teams….which is plenty, but if you are still planning on playing and have not given a deposit yet, I need to have an idea if you are still thinking about it. I’m booking rooms very soon and don’t want to have to modify the reservation. So if you are still thinking about a team, inform me very soon. The minimum deposit was 10% by March 17th.  Any new team that wants to join within the next 14 days will need to have a 20% deposit.

To Date, I have the following:
Team 1: 20% PAID
Team 2: 10% PAID
Team 3: 10% PAID
Team 4: 9.9% PAID (oh yeah, I laughed…you owe me 50 cents)
Team 5: 100% PAID UP!!!! (BLUE TEAM)
Team 6: 12% PAID
Team 7: 60% PAID (not sure which Stepp team this was. please let me know)

-Mr C


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