Important Info and Hints on MRV7

MRV7_KHawks_poster400So we begin the last event with, once again, a new method of Communication: Twitter.

A couple reasons for this:

Our experiences from WT1, proved that the facebook app is a power hog, requiring several recharges to complete the game in 10 hours. Where as the twitter app has proven its flexibility and reliability under several test sequences that I’ve run. (and the game will be just a bit longer this time.)

The other reason is going to be the way we document the (very likely) final event ever put on for the classes of Viera. There will be several situations that having the ability to post photos and videos will be very rewarding! So I’m going to suggest that if you don’t have a twitter account, to go and create one. Try it out for a few weeks to make sure you know how to tweet both photos AND videos.

The Game account is my account @dynastyVHS and when you feel comfortable using twitter, follow me and I “May” throw out some hints.

Transportation: You have to arrive in Orlando in you own conveyance. We did not book a bus.

I cant stress this one enough. You will need to bring yourself to the game, in Orlando, very early on May 31st. As far as the time the race is to begin……7:30am. As far as the place……not going to spill that one yet. And if I were you, I’d not expect it before midnight on May 31st.

While playing the game, you are to only use Disney Transportation. DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR ONCE THE GAME BEGINS. (Clear enough?)

Overnight arraignments: Well I’m sure you are all aware that a standard Disney room sleeps 4 players. That it our plan too. I do not plan on telling you when the first night will end, nor when the second day begins. So plan accordingly. Pack light though. We will not be returning to the rooms once the second day begins.

Location(s): Yes, this will be a multi park adventure…and no, I don’t plan on telling you which parks, or in what order. (that’s what clues are for!)

Gear: As you know, Disney searches bags upon entering parks. SO please do not bring any questionable items with you. Closed toe shoes, several Smart phones (with at a bare minimum with the twitter app) loaded with whatever apps you think will help you win the game, game shirts, game faces, maybe a hat… scuba gear.

That is all for now. Its late, and I’m tired.

Good luck players!

-Mr c

P.S. ask questions. I’ll answer as long as it will not spoil the game.



  1. I’m not sure if you received my message on Facebook, but I was wondering if my group (Melanie is the captain) could be purple.

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