Seven Teams are officially registered for MRV7 (WT2)!

lytumCongrats all teams!

1. Team Pankey
2. Team Niarhos
3. Team Mom’s
4. Team Cornish
5. Team Stepp (College edition)
6. Team Boustani
7.Team Comando

Officially we could have one more team if someone wanted jump in quickly, but time is short. (like within 2 days kind of short) This will be the last update until I get the rooms booked.

I DO have one new thing to ask of you….Can each team tell me, if any, the total number of players that have Disney Passes already? (and will not need them for the game) If you don’t tell me, I’m buying them for you and you will reimburse me. So let’s do this correct the first time.

Quick Sheet for what is owed if you have annual passes on your team:

Team with 4 annual passes owes: $180 (total)
Team with 3 annual passes owes: $260 (total)
Team with 2 annual passes owes: $340 (total)
Team with 1 annual pass owes:      $420 (total)
Team with zero annual passes owes: $500 (total)

Thanks for your quick response…

Mr C



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