37 Days and counting!

bucksI’ve just gotta say, I’m so excited about this game! The Alumni, the Parents, the Grads, and the Future…all coming together for one last Midnight Run. Well, get ready. Brush up on you Disney and Popular (aka useless) knowledge. I’m not gonna pull any punches this time. Expect the clues to be challenging, but fun. We will be using the “timed method” once again where you are never out of the race, even if you miss a clue. Get your rest. Break in some good tennis shoes. Maybe get one of those extra batteries for your phones. (similar to this) Pack an overnight bag. Bring a smallish gameday backpack. Do whatever you think you need to do to get ready!

I challenge the Parent team to repeat!
I challenge the Grads to go out on top!
I challenge the Alumni to show these other teams how it is done!
I challenge the Future to show them all the benefits of youth!

And lastly, I challenge you all to Improvise, Overcome, and Adapt

– Mr C


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