[LAST UPDATE] It’s on now!

Alright 2014 Grads, your ceremony is over, CONGRATS!!!! You are done with school, now it’s time to Midnight Run! I think it is poetic that the last ever MRV is actually going to run thru midnight, and on to the next day. Much like the game’s namesake from the movie “Midnight Madness,” the Great All-nighter is on! So lets get it started:
1. Clue zero location – obviously the clue will be coming just a bit later this week, but I’ll give you a hint: parking is $17.00.(the second day parking will be covered)
2. Hats, Sunscreen, & Water – seriously, it’s gonna be 92 degrees and sunny. You can bring in water bottles and refill at water fountains for FREE throughout the parks.
3. Rain – expect 4pm rain. It’s Florida in summertime.
4. Devices – Phones, chargers, backup battery packs (ipads and laptops are acceptable, but not recommended except for use in the hotel). PLEASE HAVE THEM CHARGED AND READY TO GO!
5. Hotel – we will checking in after day one is over. It’s important you find me for the last clue on day one, as I will have your room keys.
6. Game play – the game will begin at 8am on Saturday and will not end until Sunday (I’ll just say afternoon). Sleep is important, but the game is NOT paused for sleep.
7. Park tickets – a smart play would be to sign and take a photo of the back side of your ticket. If you lose your ticket I cannot replace them. BUT, If you have a photo of the back of your ticket, Disney’s Guest Relations desk can reprint the ticket for you.
8. Twitter – believe it or not, you cannot play this game without a twitter account. I still have 3 teams that are not following @dynastyVHS.
9. Behavior – You know what is expected of you. I really don’t need to say anything else. You have never disappointed me, don’t start now.
10. Carpooling – unless you have to leave early and have planned it with me already, Carpool as much as possible for game day.
11. Checking-in –
there will be a guard at the hotel gate. He is going to ask you why you are there. Tell him you are “checking in as part of a student group from Viera High.”
12. It’s a game
– enjoy the game, it’s location, your friends, and the time we are all spending together.

Have fun, see you Saturday!

-Mr C


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