And so it begins again…..for the last time.

magic8ballI guess it’s time to talk about the November/December game in 2017. I’ll answer the questions I’ve already gotten, but please feel free to ask any others the come to mind.

  1. Is MRV8 and Game or a reunion? Yes it will be both. Friday night before the game, we will all meet for some “well mannered frivolity.” And then Saturday morning-ish, the ALL-STAR game will commence.
  2.  Is the game at Disney World? Well, probably yes…..if we can literally get everyone to “Buy-in.” Single or two-day passes are discounted for groups, plus I am still hoping to convince at least 10 teams to get rooms at the Coronado Springs Resort, thus paving the way to get a rental hall for Friday night. But all of this is contingent upon enough money to do it all. I can’t foot the bill alone.
  3.  So what is it gonna cost per person? Tough to say. Much like our last game at Disney, some people still have passes and others will choose to stay off-park, or drive over in the morning. I would safely estimate….$225.00 per person. That’s ticket and room cost. Plus your incidentals. Food, clothing, mouse ears, etc…
  4.  Can I just come for the Reunion? Absolutely! We want to see everyone again. Think of it as a pre-10 year union. Some of you have already began working, some will have graduated college, some will be finishing up High school. Plus there are Teachers and Parents you may want to run into again. And conversely, you could just do the game if you wanted, too.
  5. Can I bring a friend/significant other/ sibling, to the reunion and game? Yes. We are a family, we’d be happy to meet yours!

Thats all all for now. Hit me up here or on the MRV alumni page.

  • Mr. C

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